Provizorisks ForestValue pirmsuzsaukums

Provisional ForestValue pre-announcement of a joint call for research proposals in 2017.

SumforestYou can also download the pre-announcement by clicking here.

The indicative total available budget amounts to 25 million € (national public funding including EC top-up funding of 5 million €). The total call volume with industrial co-funding is estimated to be above 30 million €.

The call for pre-proposals is expected to open in September 2017 with a closing date for pre-proposals in December 2017. Projects are expected to start in late 2018/early 2019.

On 14 February 2017 a proposal for the ERA-NET Cofund "ForestValue - Innovating forest-based bioeconomy" was submitted to the European Commission (EC) in response to the SFS-19 call Sustainable Food Security - Resilient and resource-efficient value chains. ForestValue builds on the success of three forest-related ERA-NETs: WoodWisdom-Net, SUMFOREST and FORESTERRA. The main aim of ForestValue is the joint implementation of a trans-national call for proposals for research, development and innovation in the forest-based sector. Results of the evaluation of this proposal and thus confirmation for the planned joint call announcement are expected by mid-May 2017.

Due to this the information in the pre-announcement is provisional and subject to change in the official call announcement being published with the call opening.