Provizorisks ForestValue pirmsuzsaukums

Provisional ForestValue pre-announcement of a joint call for research proposals in 2017.

SumforestYou can also download the pre-announcement by clicking here.

The indicative total available budget amounts to 25 million € (national public funding including EC top-up funding of 5 million €). The total call volume with industrial co-funding is estimated to be above 30 million €.

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SumForest (FP7 ERA-NET) aicina iesniegt pētniecības projektu pieteikumus

SumforestIzsludināts jauns pētniecības projektu pieteikumu konkurss

"Ilgtspējīgi meži nākotnes sabiedrībai"

SumForest (FP7 ERA-NET) aicina iesniegt pētniecības projektu pieteikumus līdz
2016. gada 17. jūnijam.

Visa informācija par pieteikšanos saitē: https://www.sumforest.org/calls-research/

Ir izziņoti 1. SUMFOREST uzsaukuma darbības virzieni!!!

Scope for the 1st joint call of

Sustainable forests for society of the future

SumforestThis Sumforest ERA-NET Call focuses on basic and applied research regarding multifunctional forestry and as such may also cover consortia addressing research issues spanning over the whole value chain from forest management to product and service development.  Proposals are expected to be transnational and the consortia needs to have members from at least three different partner countries that are funding the call. 

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ERA-NET projekta SUMFOREST darba seminārs Parīzē

No 2015. gada 17. līdz 18. novembrim Parīzē notika starptautiskā ERA-NET projekta SUMFOREST darba seminārs, kurā piedalījās un vadīja darba grupu LLMZA prezidente, akadēmiķe Baiba Rivža un LLU Meža fakultātes prodekāns, pētnieks Jānis Krūmiņš.

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Ir iznākusi ERA - NET SUMFOREST 2015. gada jūnija ziņu lapa


  • Sumforest and "Our common future under climate change"
  • COST Action FP1403 "Non-native tree species for European forests - experiences, risks and opportunities (NNEXT)"
  • Mapping strategies, policies and policy needs in the Sumforest framework
  • The Warsaw workshop on Transnational research needs and sharing of research capacities
  • Sumforest Workshop on Sustainable Forest Management (Minsk, Belarus, 27 May 2015)
  • List of Sumforest partners and observers

Pielikumā:  Sumforest Newsletter, June 2015