Head of the Unit:
Prof., Dr. sc.ing. Leonards Līpiņš
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; Phone: +371 29123622

Forestry is one of the leading branches of the Latvian economy, based on local timber resources, promoting employment of the local rural population and the stability of the Latvian Lats because of the substantial specific amount of forestry products within the Latvian exports. Therefore research in forestry science and in field of complex use of timber are among the research topics to be supported, though have never received funding proportional to the specific weight of the branch.

The greatest contribution into the development of scientific and intellectual potential of the branch was provided by the Latvian State Forestry Science Institute „Silava”, „Institute of Wood Chemistry”, Faculty of Forestry of LAU and “Institute of Forest and Wood Product Research and Development” also attracting experts from other higher education institutions.

This chapter includes a summary on the research topics in research of which the full members of the LAAFS Unit of Forestry Sciences have acted as heads of projects or participated in research. Although every institution has its own historically formed thematic specialisation, complex state research programmes are of the highest value as these provide an opportunity to consolidate the scholarly potential and organise closer collaboration.

From the perspective of practical applicability involvement of production companies of the branch, such as JSC „Latvijas valsts meži”, „Latvijas Finieris” and others are of great importance, with these bringing up study topics and providing financial support for research.

With a view to future there are prospects of wider involvement of scientists in international programmes and the expected opening of the Forestry Branch Competency Centre that would open up the opportunities for attraction of the EU funding along with that from the leading companies of the branch for the development of research of importance for forestry.